vhs-Sommer: Think Global and Improve your English (B2)

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Mo., 10.08.2020,
09:00 - 13:00 Uhr
5 Termine
120,00 €
If you enjoy travelling, learning about other cultures, seeing the world from different perspectives and wish to practise your English, this is your course.
Fascinating photos, professional documentaries and challenging articles based on National Geographic will make this course a very special learning experience.
Language learning takes place in the context of engaging global themes and explorations into diverse parts of the world.
Participants should have good language skills at least level B2.
Lehrwerk: Life Upper Intermediate, Cornelsen/National Geographic
Stornoschluss: 24. 7. 2020


B 1.06; vhs-Haus
Karmeliterplatz 1
55116 Mainz

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