Conversation and More B2


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Donnerstag, 06. Februar 2020 um 18:15 Uhr

Kursnummer XB54539
Dozentin Brigitta Frebel
erster Termin Donnerstag, 06.02.2020 18:15–19:45 Uhr
letzter Termin Donnerstag, 12.03.2020 18:15–19:45 Uhr
Anzahl Termine 5
Plätze max. 14
Entgelt 86,00 EUR
Ort Lerchenberg; Realschule plus

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For students on an intermediate level who want to practise their speaking skills.
Based on texts from language magazines we will discuss a variety of interesting topics. You will see that our class discussions will be enjoyable, improve your speaking skills and expand your range of vocabulary at the same time. Exercises in listening comprehension and, whenever necessary, remedial grammar are also part of this course. The overall aim is to make you feel more comfortable in using the language.


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